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Science for Children: Developing a personal approach to teaching, 3rd Edition

By Marilyn Fleer, Beverley Jane, Tim Hardy
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Since the first edition of this book, many developments in science teaching and science education research have taken place. Consequently, the third edition is grounded in this new research, shifting the book from a constructivist approach of thinking about learning to a cultural-historical perspective for framing learning and teaching. This new edition, however, is mindful of the usefulness of a lot of the original material from the first and second edition, and so has kept important constructivist material, ensuring that a range of different approaches to teaching remain.

Science for Children, 3e is designed to be interactive. It challenges students to think about the nature and importance of science as well as offering practical classroom-based strategies for students to commence their science teaching career.

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Pearson Australia
Table of contents
  • Part I: Research foundation for developing a personal approach
  • 1. Researching children’s ideas about being scientists
  • 2. Researching children’s understanding and ways of learning
  • 3. Planning and assessing for children’s learning
  • Part II: Exploring different teaching approaches
  • 4. A discovery approach: Exploration and discovery
  • 5. A transmission approach: Focusing on scientific knowledge
  • 6. A process skills teaching approach: Developing scientific skills
  • 7. An interactive approach: Children's questions and conceptual change
  • 8. A cultural-historical perspective on learning in science: Reciprocal teaching
  • 9. Becoming a leader of science: Situating yourself
  • Appendix 1: Science content knowledge
  • Appendix 2: Web sites for science education and science
  • Index

New to this edition
  • This edition is grounded in NEW research emphasising the cultural-historical perspective for framing learning and teaching.
  • Thoroughly revised with NEW material and NEW photos in all chapters.
  • Chapter One. This chapter emphasises research on children’s ideas about being a scientist.
  • Chapter Eight highlights the cultural-historical perspective on learning in science.
  • Revision questions
  • Creative ideas around teaching children in playful contexts.
  • Appendix on science content knowledge.
Features & benefits
  • Practical and user-friendly with a clear writing style encourages student teachers to consider a variety of approaches as they develop their own teaching framework.
  • The text features many student exercises and tutorials as well as examples of students’ work and student conversations. Each chapter includes a research context section.
  • An appendix containing links to relevant web sites.