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The Reading Activity Handbook: Purposeful Reading Responses To Enrich Your Literacy Programme

By Sheena Cameron
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The Reading Activity Handbook: Purposeful reading responses to enrich your literacy programme is a comprehensive collection of reading response ideas that includes 19 photocopy masters to support students’ learning. It is designed for teachers at all levels of primary and lower secondary.

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Pearson New Zealand
Table of contents
1 Locating and organising information
2 Focusing on words
3 Exploring characters, setting and plot
4 Creating visual responses
5 Engaging in writing
6 Organising for talk
Photocopy Masters
Features & benefits
Providing students with opportunities to engage in purposeful reading responses has many benefits including:
  • allowing teachers to work with individuals and small groups
  • creating opportunities to observe and monitor students’ comprehension
  • providing authentic reading, writing, talking and creative experiences for students
  • producing quality work that students value.

The responses in this book will benefit your students by:

  • providing opportunities for student choice, which increases student motivation and engagement
  • deepening levels of comprehension by requiring them to return to the text for different purposes
  • enabling them to make personal connections with literature
  • developing independence and positive self-image as a reader.

The Reading Activity Handbook: Purposeful reading responses to enrich your literacy programme is an essential reference to teachers when planning literacy sessions.

Author biography
Sheena Cameron is an experienced classroom teacher who has taught in New Zealand, England and the United States. She currently teaches primary school part time and works as a literacy consultant facilitating workshops in schools and at the University of Auckland, New Zealand.
Target audience
Suitable for teachers of all primary levels and lower secondary.
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