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Critical Conversations for Patient Safety: An Essential Guide for Health Professionals

By Tracy Levett-Jones, Bruce Barraclough
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While a number of books address the concept of therapeutic communication, i.e. communication between health professionals and their patients, few extend this focus to include communication between health professionals, fewer still address the critical relationship between communication and patient safety.  Critical Conversations in Patient Safety bridges that gap.
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Pearson Australia
Table of contents
  • Chapter 1: The relationship between communication and patient safety
  • Chapter 2: Key attributes of patient-safe communication
  • Chapter 3: Why do patients complain about how health professionals communicate?
  • Chapter 4: An historical and cultural overview of health professionals’ evolving team dynamics
  • Chapter 5: Interpersonal communication for interprofessional collaboration
  • Chapter 6: Clinical handover
  • Chapter 7: Open disclosure
  • Chapter 8: Discharge planning and continuity of care
  • Chapter 9: Communicating to promote medication safety
  • Chapter 10: Key attributes of therapeutic communication
  • Chapter 11: Communicating with older people
  • Chapter 12: Communicating with children and families
  • Chapter 13: Communicating with people with a mental health problem
  • Chapter 14: Communicating with people who have communication impairment
  • Chapter 15: Communicating with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • Chapter 16: Communicating with people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
  • Chapter 17: Communicating with people about their spiritual needs
  • Chapter 18: Communicating with people who are angry or aggressive
  • Chapter 19: Communicating about end-of-life care and decisions
  • Chapter 20: When whistle-blowing seems like the only option
  • Chapter 21: Creating safe healthcare organisations
Features & benefits
  • Critical Conversations for Patient Safety is written in an inter-professional way with experts representing different health professions writing collaboratively to convey different perspectives and delivers a new level of understanding.
  • The views and experiences of both health professionals and patients is integrated throughout the text to achieve a clinically relevant and person-centred approach.
  • Real world clinical exemplars and patient stories will engage students and increase the meaningfulness and authenticity of the text.
  • The chapters focus on key areas and issues by providing practical solutions to real world problems and prepare health professional students for the reality of practice by empowering them to work collaboratively to improve patient outcomes.
Author biography

Tracy Levett-Jones, PhD, RN, MEd & Work, BN, DipAppSc( Nursing), is the Director of the Research Centre for Health Professional Education at the University of Newcastle and the Deputy Head of School (Teaching and Learning) in the School of Nursing and Midwifery at the University of Newcastle. Her research interests include: clinical reasoning, clinical education, belongingness, interprofessional communication, simulation and patient safety. Tracy’s doctoral research explored the clinical placement experiences of students in Australia and the United Kingdom. She has a broad clinical background and prior to her academic career worked as a nurse educator, nurse manager and clinician. Tracy has authored three books on clinical education, twelve book chapters and more than 50 peer reviewed journal publications. She has been awarded eight teaching and learning awards including the 2010 Pearson/Australian Nurse Teacher Society, Nurse Educator of the Year Award and an Australian Learning and Teaching Council Award for Teaching Excellence.