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Pearson Places overview

One place, for all your digital learning

Pearson Places is a gateway to digital learning for teachers and students across Australia and New Zealand. It brings all our digital learning products together in one location. So you can move from an eBook to practice tests, or from worked examples to chapter summaries. With this kind of access to your digital tools, you have the choice to plan, teach and empower the next generation of learners.

A new Pearson Places is just around the corner

We’re giving Pearson Places a renovation.

In 2019, we’re rolling out improvements that will make it faster and more intuitive. All your resources will still be there, they’ll just be much easier to find. You’ll have more options to manage and customise your experience. And it’s designed to be more engaging and simpler for students.

We want you to be ready for the rollout of the new, improved Pearson Places. Please make sure you download this user-friendly pdf with all the whitelisting and system requirements. If you're not the person that whitelists domains please forward this pdf onto the person who is, or to your IT team.

Some functionality of Pearson Places is unavailable as we get it ready for the improvements. If you need to change your password or add any classes or licenses please email us at help@pearson.com.au.

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