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Reader+ support and FAQs

Reader+ titles can be set up with an access code. You can purchase a code by itself, or you can purchase a printed book which includes an access code on the inside of the cover.

To activate your code, follow the easy steps on the Reader+ Activation page on Pearson Places.

After you use your activation code to activate your eBook in Reader+, the code is allocated to your user account for either 15 or 27 months. Check the products' specifications to learn the expiry details of the product you are interested in.

You can easily move the eBook to another account but you'll need to pay a re-activation fee.

Please get in touch with us on LiveChat at pearsonplaces.com.au or phone 1800 656 685 and we can help you set up a re-activation code.

Download this handy guide to learn how to activate a secondhand eBook.

To create an account, simply visit Pearson Places, and click Sign Up.

Pearson Places will step you through the short and simple process.

Your username is most likely your school email address. If you’re unsure, please contact Customer Care for assistance.

Reach out via email help@pearson.com.au, or Live Chat below.

Visit Pearson Places, and follow the prompts to reset your forgotten password.

Answers for the Pearson Mathematics series are available in the Resources section of your Reader+. Answers and worked solutions for most other Reader+ titles are only available to teachers. Ask your classroom teacher to share these solutions with you.

Answers to Pearson Mathematics

Open your Reader+ title.

At the top of the screen, in the blue bar, look to the right corner. You will see a gem icon Image2. When you press the Image2 icon, you will see a list of all available resources. Students will have a Student Resources tab which includes

* Worksheet/Programs Image 10
* Video Image8
* Interactives Image9

Some titles also have audio resources.

Teachers will see the Student Resources tab, as well as a Teacher Resources Tab

You will need an internet connection in order to access these resources for the first time. Some resources, including worksheets, videos and practice exams, can be downloaded for use offline later.

Reader+ WebReader

The Reader+ online WebReader (accessed via Pearson Places) is supported by the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge.

Reader+ apps


Operating System

Download the app

Mac (desktop)

iOS 8.3 or above


Windows (Desktop)

Windows 7 or above

Windows (32-bit)
Windows (64-bit)

iPhone and iPad (Mobile)

iOS 8.3 or higher

Apple App Store

Android (Mobile)

Android 4.2 or higher

Google Play Store

Note: the Reader+ apps can vary across different devices and operating systems. We recommend running the latest OS on your device for the best experience.


Please whitelist the below domains and the IP equivalents before accessing Reader+. Whitelist port 80 and port 443.


https://www.pearsonplaces.com.au/SSOService.aspx https://auth.pulse.pearson.com/sso/assert

eBook navigation

There are 3 ways to navigate your eBook using the Page Slider at the bottom of the screen:

1. Select and drag the blue marker along the line and navigate to your page.

2. Type a page number into the box on the right then hit Enter/Go.

3. Use the arrows on either side of the text box to navigate backwards and forwards.

For mobile users - Multi touch eBook navigation

Swipe right or left to turn pages forward or backwards.

Pinch your fingers together or move them apart on the screen while viewing your book to reduce or enlarge the display.

Flick the finger in the upward direction on the screen to quickly scroll through long lists and pages. Tap the screen to stop scrolling, or wait for the scrolling to stop.

Drag by pressing your finger against the screen and dragging it up or down to scroll slowly. Or press your finger against the Page Slider and drag it left or right to navigate between pages.

Tap the screen of an open eBook to display the Reading menu.

Press and hold in the text area of an open eBook to create a Highlight or Note.

Rotate your device to switch from single to double page view.

Video - How to navigate

Add or remove bookmarks

Access the Bookmark icon Bookmark Icon at the top of the page. Tap to add or delete a Bookmark.

Access your bookmark list

1. Tap anywhere in your reading screen to display the Reading menu.

2. Tap the Bookmarks icon Bookmark Icon from the Reading menu. You will see a list of Bookmarks with page number locations.

3. Tap a Bookmark to navigate to the bookmarked page.

Add a highlight

1. Press (don't tap) the area of the screen where you want to begin text selection. The marking tool will appear.

2. Press and drag the bottom corner(s) of the marking tool to enlarge/shrink the selection area.

3. Select a colour from the menu that appears and the passage will be highlighted.

Delete a highlight

1. Tap an existing Highlight.

From the options icon Options Icon, select 'delete'.

TIP: When the text is highlighted, you have the option of adding a Note (see section on Notes).

Add a note (3 ways)

1. When you highlight text while reading, you can add a note by clicking the Note icon R+_Note _Icon _Blue.

2. From the Bookshelf menu tap My Notes.

    1. Select an eBook title. You will see Notes and Highlights for this eBook.
    2. Add a Note to the chosen Highlight text by clicking the add note icon R+_Note _Icon _Blue.

3. Tap anywhere on the page to display the Reading menu.

    1. Click the Note icon R+_Note _Icon _Blue.
    2. Tap the chosen Highlight to open the Take Note overlay, and add your Note.

Delete a note

Tap on chosen Highlight and from the Take Note overlay, tap the options icon Options Icon and select ‘delete’.

Mobile users can add a recorded Note by tapping the microphone icon R+_Mic _Icon _Blue.

You may find it easier to project a single page at the front of a class, or keep distractions to a minimum by looking at just one page at a time.

To change from double-page view to single-page view: Select the Image 12 icon found on the top right corner of the blue bar and under Page Display you can choose either the Single page or the Double page option.

Image 14

Both student and teacher resources are easily accessible via the diamond on the top right of your Reader+ screen.

For clarity, we have separated tabs into student and teacher tabs. If you are a teacher, and you cannot see the teacher tab, contact us and we can set you up with the correct level of access.

We’ve also separated resources for teachers into whole ebooks (which includes curriculum mapping grids and teacher notes), and also chapter resources (which includes videos, tests, test answers and teaching programs).

For students, we have interactives and weblinks separated by chapter and by page.

Want to see a clear picture on all the interactives and activities for your students? Click on the page tab.

Resources available for teachers and students differ across subject areas, so for a clear demonstration, contact your Pearson sales consultant who will be happy to help you out.

Live Chat: www.pearsonplaces.com.au
Email: help@pearson.com.au
Phone: 1800 656 685

You can use Reader+ offline by installing the Reader+ app onto desktop, tablet and mobile.

Visit the Reader+ Download page to download the latest Reader+ app for your device.

Login to the Reader+ app in your device.

You’ll need to have the app installed before you can download the books: see the section above for help installing the Reader+ app.

You will be able to see all the eBooks you have access to under ‘My Bookshelf’.

1. Click on the cloud icon cloud icon on the eBook cover. This will now change to the icon with a cloud cloud and pointing down icon pointing down. Be patient at this point, try not to tap the icon repeatedly as this can cause the app to freeze.
2. When the icon with the cloud with the arrow pointing down appears, there should be a green line that runs around the outside of the white circle Image4. This shows the progress of the download.
3. Next, a box with arrow pointing up bow with arrow pointing up iconappears that indicates the last step before the download is complete.
4. Once the download and installation is complete, the book will have a green circle with a white tick icon with green circle and white tickon it. You will now be able to open your books.

We are unable to provide you a PDF copy of the book. This has been a tough decision for Pearson, since we have a responsibility to take reasonable measures to protect the intellectual property of our authors and contributors and unfortunately PDF is just not secure enough to meet that need.

However, you can use and access Reader+ offline by downloading the Reader+ app on mobile, tablet or desktop, by following the instructions in Can I use Reader+ offline section above.

You may be using an old version of the Reader+ app.

Visit the Reader+ Download page to install the latest Reader+ app for your device.

If you are able to login to Pearson Places easily, but get an error message that says ‘invalid username’ when you login to the Reader+ app, we can help.

The good news is your account is working correctly, as you’re able to login to Pearson Places without trouble. Most likely the issue is with your school’s security settings, which may be blocking access to the Reader+ app.

Your school’s IT Manager needs to adjust the security settings - this is called Whitelisting. Please contact our Customer Care team for instructions on whitelisting: help@pearson.com.au

If you’re using Reader+ online and waiting several seconds for a page to load, our Customer Care team will be able to help out.

They’re here to help you and can run a series of checks to see if there is an issue with your specific account, help you improve the performance of your web browser, investigate the quality of your school network and resolve issues with Reader+ itself

Reach out to Customer are via email help@pearson.com.au, or LiveChat below.

If you’re using the offline app please visit the Reader+ download page and make sure you have the latest Reader+ app. You can also contact our Customer Care team via LiveChat or email help@pearson.com.au.

Email: help@pearson.com.au

Live Chat: www.pearsonplaces.com.au

Phone: 1800 656 685