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Discover the power of social emotional learning (SEL) and high impact teaching strategies (HITS) at the Pearson Mind Brain Education Conference 2018. Led by Professor Toni Noble, the “HITS that help all students prosper” session will explore positive education and innovative teaching methods.

As educators, our ultimate goal in teaching is to help students thrive and succeed. Professor Toni Noble will be presenting at the fourth annual Pearson Mind Brain Education Conference, where she’ll be exploring positive education and High Impact Teaching Strategies (HITS). This approach to education has been shown to actively engage students in their learning journey, challenge their ways of thinking, and promote wellbeing.


A focus on social and emotional learning

We want to help you uncover your potential as an educator. We all have a role to play in helping students flourish not only in the classroom, but in their everyday life. Social and emotional learning (SEL) is a key component in positive education. SEL skills help students understand and manage their emotions, set and achieve goals, build stronger relationships with others, and make responsible decisions. HITS teach students SEL skills as well as engage them in the academic curriculum.

Toni Noble will explore the latest research findings on the crucial need for SEL in classrooms. Education isn’t only about learning a subject. You’ll discover the importance of enabling your students to self-assess and understand who they are as learners.


High impact teaching strategies

Educating students is one thing, but engaging and inspiring them to achieve their full potential is our role as teachers. Through the exploration of “high impact teaching strategies” or HITS, you’ll leave with a new understanding of how to actively engage students in their learning, how to challenge thinking, and what you can do to promote student wellbeing.

We’ll discuss why the most effective learning HITS are generic strategies, and how you can implement HITS in any subject or curriculum.


Effective Teaching Strategies

You’ll take away new and effective teaching strategies that will help you teach students in a way that lets them flourish as learners.

HITS gives you the educational research benefits of cooperative learning (belonging, peer support, social skills, and academic outcomes) and the scaffolding for effective thinking, problem solving, and intellectually challenging your students. Immersing your students in new HITS teaching strategies will take them beyond the walls of the classroom and into a new space of critical, creative, ethical and emotional thinking.


Let’s help our students PROSPER

In order to give our students a foundation on which they can thrive, we need to focus our attention on PROSPER, the seven evidence-based elements of wellbeing. Our session will guide you through using the SEL-based PROSPER framework in the classroom.

Discover the power of this easy-to-remember and easy-to-communicate organiser that has the potential to inspire both your students and your school community. You’ll learn how to create a classroom environment that can help your students thrive with:

Positivity: experiencing positive feelings and a positive mindset about school both academically and socially.

Relationships: having positive relationships with their classmates and teachers.

Outcomes: gaining a sense of accomplishment from achieving goals.

Strengths: discovering their own strengths and limitations, and how this self-knowledge contributes to their learning self-management.

Purpose: gaining a sense of purpose in what they are learning at school and understanding its relevance for their future

Engagement: becoming highly engaged in learning and seeking out knowledge where they can.

Resilience: developing resilience and learning skills that help them avoid being derailed by life’s challenges.They’ll uncover ways to see setbacks as opportunities for learning and the power of positive thinking.

Learn how highly effective HITS can help all students PROSPER and help them to become their best future selves at the 2018 Pearson Mind Brain Education Conference.

Professor Toni Noble

Professor Toni Noble PhD Topic at Mind Brain Education Conference 2018 - HITS that help all students PROSPER.

Toni’s keynote draws on her experience over three decades working as a teacher educator, psychologist, researcher, author, and educational consultant in the field of positive education and educational psychology.

Toni is co-author with Helen McGrath of several best-selling teacher resource books such as the award-winning Bounce Back Wellbeing and Resilience Program, HITS and HOTS on high impact teaching strategies and thinking tools, and PROSPER School Pathways for Student Wellbeing.

She is Adjunct Professor in the Institute for Positive Psychology and Education at the Australian Catholic University and is currently overseeing a research project in a cluster of rural schools implementing the Bounce Back program in the Upper Hunter, NSW. Toni has worked with the government on a number of initiatives including as the principal investigator on the Australian government’s Scoping Study on Student Wellbeing and co-developer of the National Safe Schools Framework as well as resourcing the Safe Schools Framework, now the Student Wellbeing Hub.

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