QCE Senior Syllabus

While many of us were enjoying the school holidays, the QCAA released the final syllabus version 1.0 for the new Biology and Physics QCE courses. The final Chemistry Syllabus, having been released in April, was also updated to version 1.1.

These can be accessed via the School Portal.

Conferences and Workshops

QCAA QLD Workshops

Implementation for Units 1&2 is from 2019, and Units 3 & 4 from 2020. Schools should have registered teachers to attend the QCAA Syllabus Implementation Workshops which kicked off across Queensland in July, Term 3 for Chemistry. Dates and venues for Biology and Physics workshops starting in Term 4 will be released shortly. All teachers attending workshops will receive a reminder email a few weeks prior to the date. Teachers are strongly encouraged to work through the online Syllabus orientation modules (available in the portal) before they attend – this material will not be re-covered in the workshops.

These one day workshops cover unit planning, teaching and learning, and assessment using the redeveloped syllabuses. Teachers will map a sequence of learning and assessment using the syllabus and support materials, and discuss the syllabus construct.

The workshops are fully-funded for Year 11 and 12 teachers who will be implementing Biology, Chemistry and Physics General syllabuses from 2019.

Note: only teachers nominated by their principal can attend a workshop so please contact your school’s administration office about workshop attendance.


The Queensland Educational Science Technicians Conference took place at the end of June where Pearson and PASCO were running practical workshops, with lab techs, demonstrating resources including digital practical activities that will support every Mandatory Practical of the new QCE Biology, Chemistry and Physics courses.

To find out more about workshops and activities in your region, contact Doug Bail at PASCO. A list of all the practicals, by topic in each syllabus was handed out at ConQEST. If you wish to receive a digital copy, of an updated list that reflects the final syllabus, please contact Kim Mitchener at Pearson.


During Term 2 holidays, the annual Australian Science Teachers Association Conference was held in Hobart, Tasmania. The theme of the conference was 'the art of science' with a focus on including Art in STEM (now STEAM).

A teacher in attendance shared, “'There was a big emphasis on encouraging students to be creative, take risks and think outside the box without fear of failure. I noticed themes around this popping up in a few keynote talks, and in the 'strategies to help engage gifted students in science' and 'a constructivist approach to teaching' workshops I attended. It ties in really closely with all the growth mindset stuff I love, so it was great to see it being encouraged at an event like CONASTA!

The QCAA also presented a Workshop 'Queensland Science Redevelopment' which addressed the background to the redevelopment of the senior science syllabus as well as an overview of new course structure and the changes to assessment. The essence of this session can be found in the syllabus orientation modules." 

In 2018, CONASTA will be held in Sydney.

Preparation for implementation

For insights on how schools and experienced senior science teachers are preparing their students and commencing planning for the new syllabuses, we have written A Teacher’s Guide to the new Queensland Senior Science Syllabus.

Social media

And finally, for those of you on Facebook, you may be interested in joining the conversation on teaching the F-12 Science curriculum in Queensland schools on this new Facebook page “Awesome QLD Science Teachers”. This has been set up by a Queensland teacher, for Queensland teachers, to share and collaborate and to support one another with the new science curriculum.

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