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Educational Psychology - Constructing Learning, 6th Edition

By Dennis M. McInerney
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Educational Psychology: Constructing Learning, 6th Edition sets the standard for educational psychology texts in Australia and New Zealand, with its comprehensive, authoritative and research-based coverage of the subject.

This edition includes completely updated content to reflect recent advances in the discipline, including revised theory into practice features from 39 international developmental psychologists.  The author has retained the constructivist approach that made previous editions so engaging and relevant to student teachers, and content has been constructed around the new Australian Profession Standards for Teachers.


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Pearson Australia
Table of contents
  • Part 1 Stimulating effective learning
  • CHAPTER 1 Effective teaching and learning
  • CHAPTER 2 Developmental theories and effective learning
  • CHAPTER 3 Intelligence and effective learning
  • CHAPTER 4 Information processing and effective learning
  • CHAPTER 5 Discovery, metacognition and effective learning
  • CHAPTER 6 Learning theory,social cognitive theory and effective teaching
  • Part 2 Managing effective learning
  • CHAPTER 7 Motivation for effective learning: Cognitive perspectives
  • CHAPTER 8 Special needs and effective learning
  • CHAPTER 9 Cultural dimensions of effective learning
  • CHAPTER 10 Measurement and evaluation for effective learning
  • Part 3 understanding developmental needs of children and effective teaching and learning
  • CHAPTER 11 Learning and physical/motor development
  • CHAPTER 12 Personal development and effective learning
  • CHAPTER 13 Social, emotional and moral development
  • CHAPTER 14 Information and communication technologies
  • Transforming learning and teaching
  • Online chapter
  • References
  • Glossary
  • Index
Features & benefits

Theory and Research into Practice: Thirty-nine preeminent researchers from Australia, the United States, New Zealand and Asia contribute their research interests and the applied value of their research to educational settings. These present cutting-edge information on a range of essential topics for educators. Each ‘Theory and Research into Practice’ section concludes with a number of recommended readings as well as several activities to engage students actively. The ‘Theory and Research into Practice’ features may be used to extend students’ knowledge and as exercises for assessment.

Thematic sections: The text is divided into three main sections: stimulating effective learning, managing effective learning, and understanding developmental needs of children and effective teaching and learning.

Chapter contents: Chapters are structured around core learning outcomes which can be used to measure mastery of the content.

Learner-centred Psychological Principles: These boxes present key psychological principles drawn from research that should guide effective teaching and learning.

Essentials of . . . : These tables summarise the practical implications of key topics from both teacher and learner perspectives. They provide practical guides for effective classroom practices and also help to clarify the relevance and importance of theory.

Teacher’s case book: Selected case studies, drawn from the National Competency Framework for Beginning Teaching and produced by the Australian Teaching Council, provide an authentic view of teacher–student interactions in real educational settings.

Australian Teaching Standards: The new standards are introduced throughout the text and related to teaching and learning. A pull-out card with the complete list of standards is bound into the text for students to refer to, aiding in a deeper understanding of the standards and how they apply to educational psychology.

Author biography
Dennis M. McInerney is Chair Professor of Educational Psychology and Associate Vice-President (Research and Development) at the Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong.
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