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The Advanced Strategy Guide to Minecraft, 2nd Edition

By Stephen O'Brien
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After you’ve learned to survive in Minecraft, the fun really begins. Minecraft’s advanced features support stunning creativity—and that’s still just the beginning. More than ever, Minecraft 1.9 can be whatever you and millions of other players dream up!

Custom-crafted adventure maps… new trading systems and societies… incredible mods that take Minecraft into the far future… Minecraft’s potential is simply astounding. This full-color guide brings together all of today’s most amazing Minecraft resources and techniques. Why struggle with outdated web tutorials or bewildering YouTube videos? Mega-bestselling author Stephen O’Brien will show you how to get it all, and do it all!

  • Create and manage unique Minecraft 1.9 configurations with their own versions, worlds, resource packs, and profiles
  • Automatically mass-produce sugar cane, melons, wheat, and more
  • Supercharge mining operations to excavate infinite amounts of obsidian
  • Take control of the mayhem with mob farms: mass-produce your own zombies, spiders, creepers, and skeletons
  • Craft amazing armor, weapons, and tools
  • Build in any style that inspires you: medieval, Victorian, Viking, Japanese, modern, suburban, you name it
  • Create natural-looking terrain and trees, decorate with 2D pixel art, and build 3D statues
  • Construct smarter, more efficient power and transportation systems
  • Assemble amazing redstone circuitry with Monostable and Redpower 2
  • Generate massive resources with gigantic oil refineries and quarries
  • Create and share exciting adventure maps and learn the secrets of CommandBlocks
  • Export your greatest adventures to YouTube, Vimeo, or HD video
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Pearson Higher Ed USA
Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 Getting Started
  • Chapter 2 Automated Produce Farms
  • Chapter 3 Mining and Ore Generators
  • Chapter 4 Mob Farms, Traps, and Defense
  • Chapter 5 Advanced Construction
  • Chapter 6 More Power to You
  • Chapter 7 Empire Building with BuildCraft
  • Chapter 8 Titans of IndustrialCraft
  • Chapter 9 Rolling with Railcraft
  • Chapter 10 Recording and Sharing
  • Chapter 11 Building Your Own Adventure   
  • Index
New to this edition
Refreshed to cover the latest updates to Minecraft
Features & benefits
• The only book dedicated to advanced Minecraft strategy
• Cutting-edge Minecraft information available in no other book… all in gorgeous full color!
• Take full advantage of amazing features hidden in standard Minecraft installations, from Redstone wiring to complex automated mob farms
• Automate all mining, harvesting, and building: even generate infinite ores on demand
• Download everything from custom-crafted adventure maps to in-game add-ons that take Minecraft into the industrial age and beyond
• Use highly-customized Minecraft multi-player servers with trading systems, mini-games, and entirely new societies
Author biography
Stephen O’Brien is an Australian-born writer and entrepreneur currently residing in Sydney after too many years in Silicon Valley. He has previously written over 30 titles across multiple editions with publishers such as Prentice-Hall and Que, including several best-selling titles. He also founded Typefi, the world’s leading automated publishing system, and invented a new type of espresso machine called mypressi. He has been using Minecraft since its early days and remains astounded at the unparalleled creativity it engenders. Stephen is also the author of the internationally bestselling The Ultimate Player’s Guide to Minecraft.