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  • Ci siamo Workbook

    • By Guarnuccio, Claudio & Guarnuccio, Elio
    • Published 01/05/1997
    • ISBN 9781875633470
    • In stock
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    Ci siamo is a full-colour Italian beginner's course. The one-volume two-year course is suitable for beginners at middle to upper secondary level and adult beginners. The distinctive features of the course are the entertaining approach and the use of fotoromanzi and authentic material which provide ... Read more >

  • Decision Making With Computers: The Spreadsheet And Beyond

    • By Edwards, John & Finlay, Paul
    • Published 11/07/1997
    • ISBN 9780273621287
    • Temporarily out of stock
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    Traditionally, the areas of 'Decision Making' and 'Decision Making with Computers' have been regarded as separate subject specialisms. As the degree of computer literacy among students and managers has risen, a need for overlap in these subject areas is necessary. This book addreses this change in a... Read more >

  • Elements of the Theory of Computation, 2nd Edition

    • By Lewis, Harry & Papadimitriou, Christos
    • Published 07/08/1997
    • ISBN 9780132624787
    • Temporarily out of stock
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    Appropriate for senior and graduate level courses in Computer Science Theory, Automata, and Theory of Computation. This is the long awaited Second Edition of Lewis and Papadimitriou's best-selling theory of computation text. In this substantially modified edition, the authors have enhanced the ... Read more >

  • Introduction to Classical Mechanics, 2nd Edition

    • By Arya, Atam
    • Published 08/08/1997
    • ISBN 9780135052235
    • Temporarily out of stock
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    For one/two-semester, sophomore/junior-level courses in Classical Mechanics. Designed to bridge the gap between introductory college physics and advanced mechanics which will give a strong basis for future work in applied and pure mechanics, especially advanced physics such as quantum mechanics... Read more >

  • Microbiology Coloring Book

    • By Alcamo, Edward & Elson, Lawrence
    • Published 24/01/1997
    • ISBN 9780060419257
    • In stock
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    This microbiology colouring book asks the reader to colour a series of figures that convey microbiological principles and processes. An efficient review of all areas pertinent to a microbiology course, it simplifies the learning process and provides visually appealing figures that can be used for fu... Read more >

  • Prentice Hall Molecular Model Set for General and Organic Chemistry

    • By Pearson
    • Published 05/09/1997
    • ISBN 9780139554445
    • In stock
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    Designed for general chemistry courses that consider a lot of organic examples, or for students who plan to continue in organic chemistry. The Prentice Hall molecular model set can be used to construct realistic “scale models” illustrating the molecular structures of many thousands ... Read more >

  • Speech and Hearing Science: Anatomy and Physiology, 4th Edition

    • By Zemlin, Willard
    • Published 21/07/1997
    • ISBN 9780138274375
    • Temporarily out of stock
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    Finely illustrated and exceptionally readable, this fourth edition of the leading text in Speech and Hearing Science, is dedicated to the habilitation and rehabilitation of the speech and hearing impaired. This comprehensive and highly popular text provides a solid foundation in the anatomy and phys... Read more >