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  • Cases in Operations Management, 3rd Edition

    • By Johnston, Chambers, Slack, Harrison Etal
    • Published 18/12/2002
    • ISBN 9780273655312
    • Temporarily out of stock
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    The third edition of this highly successful case book has been expanded and updated to reflect the increasing reliance upon comprehensive case material in the teaching of operations management.The text begins with an introduction to analysing operations management cases. Each of the subsequent parts... Read more >

  • Law for Purchasing and Supply, 3rd Edition

    • By Griffiths, Margaret & Griffiths, Ivor
    • Published 26/04/2002
    • ISBN 9780273646792
    • Temporarily out of stock
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    Law for Purchasing and Supply divides this complex area of the law into five logical parts: chapters introduce a topic area, explain the relevant law and give examples of how the law is applied in practice. This step-by-step approach enables the authors to maintain a comprehensive coverage of the su... Read more >

  • Longman Basic English Dictionary, 3rd Edition

    • By
    • Published 15/01/2002
    • ISBN 9780582438507
    • Available on demand (O)
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    Younger learners will find this dictionary a simple and fun introduction to monolingual dictionaries. 12,000 words and phrases with simple definitions and examples 16 full-colour topic pages and hundreds of illustrations Workbook exercises for vocabulary practice

  • Pleasures of Children's Literature, The, 3rd Edition

    • By Nodelman
    • Published 19/06/2002
    • ISBN 9780801332487
    • In stock
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    The Pleasures of Children's Literature, Third Edition, offers an overview of children's literature in the context of current professional discussion of children's literature and reading. Focusing on controversial issues and designed to provoke thought and debate, this ground-brea... Read more >

  • Side by Side 4 Activity Workbook, 3rd Edition

    • By Molinsky, Steven J. & Bliss, Bill
    • Published 25/09/2002
    • ISBN 9780130268914
    • Available on demand (O)
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    The Side by Side Activity Workbooks offer a variety of exercises for reinforcement, fully coordinated with the student texts. A special feature of the Activity Workbooks is the inclusion of GrammarRaps for practice with rhythm, stress, and intonation and GrammarSongs from the Side by Side TV videos.... Read more >

  • The Geography Coloring Book, 3rd Edition

    • By Kapit, Wynn
    • Published 11/10/2002
    • ISBN 9780131014725
    • Temporarily out of stock
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    For introductory courses in Geography. This unique educational tool introduces the countries of the world and the states of the United States to students. Each section begins with a plate containing a political map, a physical map, and regional maps. Through active participation, by coloring in... Read more >

  • York Notes for GCSE: A Midsummer Night's Dream, 3rd Edition

    • By Scicluna, John
    • Published 27/08/2002
    • ISBN 9780582506152
    • Available on demand (O)
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    York Notes for GCSE offer an exciting approach to English Literature and will help you to achieve a better grade.  This market-leading series has been completely updated to reflect the needs of today's students.  The new editions are packed with detailed summaries, commentaries on key them... Read more >